Tuesday, December 30, 2008


GLASS PENDANTS: Made these using only one piece of glass! On the reverse side I used TLS (Translucent Liquid Sculpey) by Sculpey.com found at our local craft store. I printed an image on cardstock with my Laserjet printer. In Photoshop I make sure the image is 1 1/2 inches square. I then cut out the image and applied a coat of TLS - ensuring the entire surface is coated. I do them in batches of aprox 10. Lay on a cookie sheet covered with parchment or wax paper. Baked for 25 minutes at 325 F. Allow to cool off then sandwich with glass piece and letter printed on a transparency.
The letter S for example was printed on a sheet of transparency in "mirror" setting with printer setting of "transparency" as well.
Applied tape around this sandwich and soldered which is another story. Note: When I apply the tape I burnish on all sides. These need to be washed with soap and water after soldered and if not burnished the water can get in between. That is okay if a little gets in - it will eventually evaporate but you don't want a lot. That is why I print with a Laserjet. Now I also print with inkjet and to prevent water damage to paper image I coat both sides of paper after printed with Dorland's Wax Medium by Jacquardproducts.com. This seals the ink. Applied the wax with a circular motion and allow to dry before enclosing in Pendant.
Will post more later about how I color the solder to match the picture inside.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Recycle pictures from magazines into cards

Working on some cards after flipping through some of my old Victoria Magazines and couldn't resist trying a few frames cut with Fiskars and Cuttlebug die cuts. Added a little glitz on the inside oval.

I hope the instructions added to the one picture will inspire you too.

This would work great for an actual photo - make your own "frame" card for a birth announcement, graduation etc. This would look great in pastels for a baby shower card.

Tips on how I assembled this on the following sheet. Click to enlarge so it can be read.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Welcome to Lavendula Loveliness!

I understand that the word Lavendula is french for lavender. Lavender is one of my secret passionate colors. Many, many years ago it was a bathroom color they called Mauve or Lilac and as decorating trends come and go it lost it's popularity with many but I still loved it. Now it's still not the rage but can be found in "dusty" and powder lavender etc and goes nice with my colors; soft pink - so soft it looks barely blushing white when the sun is shining in and guess what it looks dusty soft lavender in the evening with a soft glow from the Victorian lampshades I hand stitch. Don't get me wrong I don't have a lot of it but I still love it.

Now the Loveliness part of my blog name. Many years ago I heard/read a piece of advice and I followed it to the best I am able and that is to "surround yourself with beautiful things." That is where the Loveliness comes from. These beautiful things I have tried to create myself. No, it does not always cost a lot of money - yes, it takes time. If I'm going to be sitting and looking at it I want it to look lovely / beautiful. Now remember that is in my "eyes" or opinion. I'm sure there will be more like me. I have been following other blogs with related interests and it has been confirmed we are really the same and yet we are different. Shabby Chic, Altered Art, Mixed Media Art, Artist Trading Cards, Collaged Canvas work, Paper Artistry, this is where I'm at in my own creative pursuits.

Now let me tell you about this tray I designed and assembled - of course I use this one for my first blog posting because it ties in with my blog name "Lavendula". Background was painted in swirl brush design before assembling the vintage piece of jewelery, piece of Irish Linen and other pieces of ephemera. It has a solid glass sealed overlay so it can be used on a vanity or as a tea tray. Sold the tray through our local art gallery.

Well I did it ...... got my first posting in and they say it's all easy from here.

  • My goal with this blog:
  • To post weekly and
  • to share my motivation of being creative. Thanks for reading.