Friday, January 16, 2009

Note About E-Mail

Just about every reader/viewer or blogger has an email address or more. That's good. But what isn't good is many people don't check their Spam Folder. Many a good email goes in there too! At least daily when I check for emails I also check the Spam Folder and if there is any in there that are wanted I make sure they get marked "this is not spam". My reason for posting this is over the last month or so I have sent lots of emails from a Blogs Profile page and did not get a reply. I'm certain it's got something to do with Anti-Spam. Some email providers will delete all spam after 30 days. In order for this social network to really work we must look after our emails. You could be missing something nice! I have lots of times emailed someone and put a compliment in the email. Not always do I want to use the Comment option for certain questions etc. The criteria set for Spam is often faulty - putting legitimate emails in the Spam Folder. When I first started I probably missed a few "wanted" emails too because I was not aware of how it works. Hope this can help!

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