Monday, March 30, 2009

Shreddie blankets using vintage chenille bedspreads

I used many pieces from vintage chenille bedspreads to make this "Shreddie" baby blanket. I call it shreddie as the seams are exposed on right side. Seams are cut every half inch then they frey. Printed the child image on photo fabric sheets then added trims. Some of the trims I cut up further and added it as it it were the flowers she was dropping. I lined the back with cotton fabric.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Brown chairs given new life with white paint etc

I did two of these chairs; this one I put my husband's initial G and on mine S. They were an ugly brown so I painted it white and had lots of fun with stenciling, stamping, hand painting with a paint pen. Did the edges in a scallop design to look like a cushion ruffle. This one sits in the guest bedroom. Sometime soon I will post the lamp shade to match in color.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Lamp shade done by hand

I made two of these shades for our guest bedroom. I used a soft barely pink cotton. The fabric was glued on then frame ribs covered with white gimp. Finished off with a white fringe. The rosettes are done with a white chiffon on the front and back. I did not line these as it cuts down on the light for reading in this situation. Took about 30 hours for each one. I have since taken the course on hand stitching the fabric rather than gluing and it is more time consuming but makes a nicer shade where I have more control on how the fabric is applied. Will post in future some of the hand stitched shades. Oh so much to do and so little time! Thanks for viewing.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Card Design

I took a page from a book and did the painting and stenciling. I scanned it into pc then added the image from Teresa Stanton's site: She has some lovely images to share. Background sheet can be found at my Rustic Pixel Backgrounds blog.

Monday, March 2, 2009


As many of you may know my blog has been one of the unfortunate ones where more often than not it is impossible to leave a comment. I have investigated this and it is a issue with Blogger which many people are having problems with. Unfortunately we can't get any help for this at present.. So till it is resolved I have disabled the Word Verification for comments. If I get a lot of spam etc as a result of this I will have to put it back on. Please do leave me a comment now if you want to. Thanks.

Kodak Slide Frames Recycled

I had fun covering these Kodak slides to make frames for putting on cards, collages, atc's etc.
The bottom two were covered with aluminum tape then done with alcohol inks. Stamped with a permanent ink before rubbing away the ink, which then left a design on the alcohol ink. I used various tools to make a emboss design at random. Background design can be found at my Rustic Pixel Background Blog.