Monday, February 16, 2009

Card Keeper with Ribboned Closure

Made this for a friend when she lost her Dad. I intended for her to put the sympathy cards in each pocket. I also made a couple signatures out of card stock so she could add her own pictures and memories. On the edges of the pockets I glued or stitched a fuzzy trim to add a finish and prevent paper cuts when putting paper in and out of pocket. She is very creative and hoping to see what all she does with it. This would be a great idea for a new baby as a shower gift. The mom can add baby's cards and photos and they will all be in one place. Another suggestion is grad, special anniversaries etc. The first ones I made I would fill with greeting cards that I designed and would place 5 cards of different occasions in each pocket and present the entire package. It makes a lovely gift that is useful. Without making the cards to insert it takes approximately 5 hours. The ribbon bow enclosure sets it off and almost doesn't need to be wrapped. Watch for more .... coming soon!

1 comment:

  1. Your card keeper is beautiful. I love the colors you chose. I especially like the ribbon. That was such a nice gift. You are a nice friend. Happy Monday.